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Lightboard Studio

This guide includes resources to help you learn how to use all the features of the lightboard studio located in Library Room 242.

Power Up

  1. Push the button on the computer tower (beneath the table) to turn it on.
  2. Push the button on the TV remote to turn on both TV screens at the same time.
  3. Push the "On" button on the white circle (shown in the picture) on the side of the lightboard frame. This controls the power to 3 sets of lights. Two sets of lights are bright white light strips around the lightboard that are meant to illuminate the presenter. The third set of lights is a black light that illuminates the glass board to make the markers glow.
  4. Use the silver dimmer knobs (below the white circle on the side of the lightboard frame) to control the brightness of each set of lights.
  5. Turn off the ceiling lights using the switch near the door.

Start Recording

  1. Push the "Record" button when you are ready to begin. There will be a countdown from 3 to begin.
  2. To stop, push the same button (it will now read "Stop").
  3. After you have finished recording, you can push the "Review" button and the file explorer window will open to show you the recording.
  4. You can insert a flash drive into the USB port in the table top and drag your file to the flash drive.
  5. Alternatively, you can upload your file to a cloud storage service of your choice.
  6. Note: files stored on the computer will be routinely deleted. We cannot recover deleted files. Please make sure you have your files saved elsewhere.


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