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Lightboard Studio

This guide includes resources to help you learn how to use all the features of the lightboard studio located in Library Room 242.

Setting up Microsoft Teams

This tutorial shows how to easily set up Microsoft Teams with your Revolution Lightboard.

This video shows how to share computer system audio in Microsoft Teams, such as to share audio from a video you want to play during the meeting.

Our lightboard studios give users the ability to overlay graphics including images, videos, or just about anything else that can be shown on a computer screen. However, when you’re on a video call, sharing audio from a video or other application doesn’t happen automatically, because you’re only sending your microphone audio to your meeting participants.

Here is how you can share your computer’s audio at the same time so everyone clearly hears audio from a video you play, and anything else that would be played through your computer speakers. This does not interfere with still having your microphone active.

Many of our users use Zoom or Teams for video calls out of their lightboard studio. Playing a short video can really change up the pace of a call in an engaging way. Be sure to have the video ready to play, whether embedded within a PowerPoint file or in a separate application window (video player or internet browser works fine).